Elsa Buch

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Elsa Buch / Contemporary textiles

Elsa’s passion for textiles has its origin in Denmark years ago, watching her mother embroider, crochet and knit. This experience taught her about colour, texture, design and a love of creativity which led her to seek qualifications in textiles.

Elsa finds inspiration for her designs in the beauty of every-day things and, especially, in nature. She enjoys inventing new ways of using different materials; thus a great deal of experimentation proceeds before the final format emerges. She often combines layers of fabric to create a new surface for stitch which, therefore, becomes unique.

Elsa derives considerable satisfaction from recycling old/used materials and from dyeing her own fabrics and threads. Recently she has been delving into fibre and mixed-media collage but stitch always plays an important part in her work.

T: 07779 993175
E: elsabuch@hotmail.com