Nabila Nagi

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Nabila Nagi / Conceptual Constructed Textiles

Nabila is inspired by the links between human nature and nature itself. Her work involves repetition, detailed and labour intensive processes. Natural fabrics are the preferred choice with silk organza being a favourite for its transparency and light weight. Hand dyeing, layering and manipulating fabrics, threads and wire to create delicate pieces that replicate or represent qualities of nature, depict feelings or emotional transition, growth and loss.
Exploring vulnerability and strength, protection and control, Nabila is interested in the struggles people face during a lifetime and how this shapes them.
A degree in constructed textiles and her experience working in the fashion industry, Nabila enjoys the fusion of the two by creating pieces of sculpture that are designed to be worn. She believes that movement and their function brings them to life.

T: 07833 470919