Doreen Dames-Caldwell

Illustration, Print, Stitch

Doreen studied at the Slade School of Fine Art London before completing Graphic Design at MMU. For the next 20 years, she pursued a career as a children’s book illustrator, enjoying making the characters dance across the page and giving them space to play. Later, while attending a City and Guilds course, she discovered the glories of textile design and embroidery. The illustration of books of necessity required her to work in 2 dimensions, but the field of textiles introduced texture, printing and stump work.

Working in 3D allowed her to lift characters off the page and create 3 dimensional story worlds. Stories remain at the core of what she does. Images form from the telling of tales and some of the words creep into the artwork but what fascinates her is giving those words a rich and magical landscape.
T: 0161 928 4352
E:[email protected]

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