Talks and Workshops with

Susan Syddall


An Urban Childhood


This presentation is based on work completed for exhibition with Textile 21. In this lecture, I reflect on my urban childhood growing up on a Council Estate in l960’s Salford.

A time of freedom when you were thrown out in the morning and only came home for tea. When your playground was on the streets, and creativity could be found on rubbish tips, and up-cycling was a necessity rather than an interior design choice. The work is a combination of text, machine embroidery and breakdown screen-printing.

Homemade Sketchbooks


As a textile artist I have always felt dissatisfied with the sketchbooks that are available on the market.   They are fine for drawing, painting, and taking notes but I want to include machine stitch onto the page.  Finally, I decided to make my own. I could then adapt it to the size, the paper, and the material I needed.  In this workshop I share some of my methods of constructing your own unique sketchbooks.  You will learn how to make a concertina sketchbook and a ring bound sketchbook and by adding material to the ring binder, gluing images, and cutting into pages to make It uniquely yours.  It can be dismantled and added to make it completely versatile for textile artists and those who want to use machine or hand embroidery in its pages.

Craft Workshops

for Adults With Additional Needs.

These sessions are suitable for adults with additional or supported needs.  They can be adapted to suit the clients and their requirements.  A materials list is provided with easy-to-follow visual prompts and instructions. Three examples are below, many more are available.


A Flying Bird Card.


Clay Keepsakes


Decorating a Bird Box.