Talks & Workshops with

Teresa Jones

Why Go Digital


With numerous illustrations from her own work, Teresa shows the creative possibilities of simple techniques using digital camera, computer, printer and sewing machine.  She takes you through her process from her initial ideas to the finished pieces. There are sketchbooks, sample books and completed garments on display and Teresa is on hand at the end of the talk to answer questions.


 Boxes of Delight

1-day workshop

In this workshop you will learn 3 surprisingly easy techniques to create this enchanting little box. Working on dissolvable fabric, you will build up a rich surface of stitch, create open lacy effects and finish with a delicate edge. The   final piece can be used to contain a small gift, be hung on a Christmas tree, or you can decorate it to your hearts content Read More...

Making Wearable Art


Teresa tells the stories behind several examples of her own work and    reveals how she meets the challenges of making wearable art, while expressing the deeper meanings behind the pieces.

Numerous sketchbooks, samples and garments are on display and Teresa is always happy to answer questions and allow closer examination of the work.

Hand Made Buttons

1/2-Day Workshop

Learn to make one or more of the exquisite handmade buttons that Teresa uses to embellish her wearable art. There are infinite variations to explore with even the simplest buttons. Use them not just for a special garment but to embellish a bag, a handmade book or incorporate them into a panel.